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How I work

Psychological problems are common and may affect any one of us at any given time in our lives. And there can be many different reasons for seeking psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. Some people will experience one or several specific issues they would like help in dealing with. Whereas other people will experience a more defuse and subtle state of not feeling comfortable in their lives or recurrent periods of not feeling well, without being able to specify why and without being able to put into words what’s going on. Different problems can require different forms of treatment, and some problems will be short-lived and respond well to more brief and focussed psychotherapies; whereas other problems are more chronic and may respond better to longer and/or more intense forms of psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.


Starting Treatment  

Before committing to any form of therapy it’s therefor important to start with a general assessment. This will help me understand the nature of your problems and what sort of treatment will be most helpful to you. The first sessions will also give you an idea of who I am, how I work, what you can expect of me and what is expected of you. After these first sessions I will be able to recommend a course of treatment I think will support you and help you best. 

Psychoanalytic Treatment

I’m specialized in psychoanalytic treatment, which is an evidence-based form of treatment. The treatment is always adapted to the individual person, and it’s focused on stimulating deeper and sustainable treatment outcomes. It’s especially good for people who want a better understanding of themselves and who might be interested in working with the underlying reason for recuring difficulties in their lives. Psychoanalytic treatment is applicable to many different challenges and problems because it doesn’t aim to treat just one specific diagnoses or group of symptoms. 

My Background

I began my career working at several different psychiatric outpatient clinics specialized in personality disorders, trauma and PTSD, and eating disorders, respectively. I also have extensive experience working with anxiety and depression. 

I’ve been in fulltime private practice since 2019, and parttime private practice from 2013-2017.

Payment and Fee

Psychotherapy session: 1050 kr


The fee and terms of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy of a longer duration and with two or more sessions per week are adapted to the individual, taking into account your specific financial situation. 


If you have any questions or would like to discuss possibly starting treatment with me, you can contact me either by phone or email

Cancellations and missed sessions

Cancellations must be given via email of phone at the latest at 12pm the weekday before (Friday, if the session is scheduled for Monday).

If the cancellation is given later than 12pm the weekday before or if the session is missed, the full fee will be charged. 

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